TSplus Advanced Security

TSplus Advanced Security is available as an Add-On on TSplus Remote Work AdminTool:

Screenshot 1

You can find its full documentation on this page.

Brute-Force Attacks Defense

The Brute-Force attack Defender enables you to protect your public server from hackers, network scanners and brute-force robots that try to guess your Administrator login and password. Using current logins and password dictionaries, they will automatically try to login to your server hundreds to thousands times every minute. Learn more about this feature on this page.

On the Web Portal

Brute-force attacks on the Web Portal are blocked when users enter wrong credentials.
After 10 attempts during a period of 10 minutes, the Web Portal will prohibit the user to logon for 20 minutes:

Screenshot 3

These are the default settings which are customizable on the BruteForce tab of TSplus Advanced Security AdminTool.

You can check all blocked connections and logs on the IP Addresses tile of TSplus Advanced Security Ultimate Protection:

Screenshot 4

This functionality is visible and active after the first Web Portal connection.

The complete TSplus Advanced Security documentation is available on this page.