Rehosting Your TSplus License

Online Activation

Online Activation is authorized once a month.

On the new server Go to the "License" tab Click on "Rehost an existing license"

Screenshot 1-7

Enter your Activation Key:

Screenshot 2-7

Select the initial Computer you want rehost.

Screenshot 3-7

Confirm rehost

Screenshot 4-7

Your license rehost is finished.

Screenshot 5-7

Wait a few moments for your AdminTool to synchronize until the window appears.

Screenshot 6-7

Congratulations on your license has been successfully activated!

Offline Activation

Offline Activation can also be done for rehosting licenses.

When the server does not have Internet access, the 'rehost an existing License' button will present the offline rehost page:

Screenshot 7-7

The process is the same as Offline Activation.