Farm Manager API

We are excited to offer you a powerful API designed to provide comprehensive management capabilities for your server farms.

This API allows you to seamlessly integrate our software with your existing infrastructure, enabling you to manage and automate server operations with your own custom scripts.

Discover the full potential of our software with the robust and versatile API we provide.


In order to query the farm manager API, your server will need to:

  • have a valid SSL/TLS certificate
  • be opened on port 19956
  • be reachable using the domain your certificate covers.

Examples of use

For instance, administrators can use the Farm > Get Servers list function to retrieve a comprehensive list of all servers within their farm, streamlining inventory management. The Farm > Initialize farm function allows for the quick setup of a new server farm, ensuring a smooth deployment process. For user-specific server management, the Farm > List of servers assigned to a user function helps in tracking and managing server assignments.

In load balancing scenarios, the Load balancing > choose server and Load balancing > Reload functions enable dynamic server selection and reloading of load balancer configurations, optimizing resource distribution and performance. The ReverseProxy > Reload function ensures that changes to proxy settings are applied without downtime. Additionally, the Server > Add and Server > Edit functions facilitate the seamless addition and modification of servers in the farm.

Administrators can further enhance their operations by utilizing the Setting > list settings and Setting > Apply settings functions to retrieve and apply configuration settings across the server farm.

For session management, the Session > Disconnect and Session > Logoff functions allow for the controlled termination of user sessions, while the Session > List users sessions provides a detailed view of active sessions for monitoring purposes.

By leveraging these powerful API functions, you can achieve greater automation, efficiency, and control over your server management processes, ensuring optimal performance and reliability of your infrastructure.


Complete documentation of this API can be found here : API Documentation